Monday, February 16, 2009

Review: Kingdom of the Occult by Walter Martin

Bonus review this week, seeing as I'm pretty sure this review is more than a few days overdue. (Very sorry, Thomas Nelson. This book is freaking huge.)
The Kingdom of the Occult is an updated, October 2008 version of The Kingdom of the Cults, originally published in 1965. It is 733 pages long, 678 if you don't count the Q&A appendix, counselling assessment appendix, bibliography, or index. It contains in-text footnotes, along with case studies, graphs, etc., and suggested resources at the end of each chapter.

The goal of this book is to investigate cults/cultism, examine cults' influence on America and the world, compare/contrast Christianity and cultism, and prepare Christians to speak to members of the occult. It aims to do this by historical analysis, theological evaluation of each cult's beliefs, and apologetic contrast between the cult and Christianity.
I had some issues with the theology presented, but I won't go into that. E-mail me if you want a rant. What I will say is that the main impression I got from the book was paranoia and Us vs. Them. My advice is to read it while you're awake and paying attention, to do wide research to back things up, and make sure to look up all the Bible references so you know what's being talked about.
This book would be very useful for any kind of research on the subject, much more than for casual reading. There's plenty of information, including statistics etc., that would come in really handy for papers or presentations, and it suggests or mentions plenty of other sources to look at for each topic that it addresses.

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