Sunday, June 7, 2009

Terminator: Salvation

When I first started this blog it was with the intention of doing the occasional movie review. Well, obviously, so far I haven't gotten around to it. But after poking around on the internet... Am I seriously the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who loved this movie?!

I have yet to find a single positive review. (If you know of one, let me know.) So I threw one together.

Just to clarify if you missed it a second ago, I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I completely do not understand any of the criticism. The acting and the effects were both so good that I barely noticed them, I felt like things were really happening. I never once caught myself wondering what time it was, the way I usually do in movies.

I will say, I'd only seen the original movie before this one (liked it), and that I'd rather watch infomercials than the Sarah Conner Chronicles. But based on liking the original movie and learning as much as possible about the other two before I saw this one... this is a great movie. It doesn't feel the need to regurgitate the same plot again or explain it in painful detail, the actors are instead capable of conveying that backstory with a look while continuing with the motion of the movie at hand. I feel like there was space for this movie in the lore, they didn't have to hack the old stuff to bits to fit it in (like they did in, say, Star Trek).

In addition, this is what dystopia ought to be for me. It looks cool. It's grungy. It's sci-fi. All the tropes are there with no need to draw attention to themselves, just being cool the way they're meant to be. I like the way the romantic elements are subtle, not just a parade of "let's get it on" scenes. I like the total badassery of the characters.

The actors are great. The look is great. The story is great. What's not to love? See it for yourself while it's still in the theater.

I am of course open to discussion if anyone wants to contest my opinion. :)

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  1. Hi there! Since you said you'd be open to differences in opinion, thought I might just let you know about the review I wrote for Terminator Salvation. It pretty much shares the view of a lot of the movie critics unfortunately, but I thought it might be food for thought just as your review has been for me! I updated the beginning of my review to provide a link to your review, please let me know if you would prefer I take it off.



  2. I don't mind the link at all. :)

    Another thing to ponder that I forget to mention in my response on your blog is that the original Terminator worked more as a horror movie than a sci-fi movie, although it obviously WAS a sci-fi movie. Terminator: Salvation is entirely dystopian sci-fi.

    I don't know about the middle two movies, I'm hoping to get them this week, but maybe that's part of the issue. I like sci-fi better than horror, although I like both. Maybe if you're expecting the more organic horror-movie vibe and get the techie stuff it's not satisfying?

    Will probably post the same thought under my other comment on your blog. :)


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