Monday, October 6, 2008

Introductory Post

Welcome to The Fickle Hand of Fate. My name is Fatalis Fortuna, Fate for short, and I will be your blogger for the duration. I am currently a student and a part-time librarian. When I'm not working, I occupy myself with all things fictional, be they in print, on television, or on the silver screen; my two cats, Amontillado (after "The Cask of Amontillado," of course), and Alice (after Alice in Wonderland,); and my novel-in-progress, which is of course the next Great American Novel. To my knowledge it will be the first Great American Novel that is YA urban fantasy, and for this I will become both famous and rich.

This blog will contain my stunning insights into the world of publishing, which I have practically no knowledge of as of yet, and the world of unpublished writers, of which I have intimate knowledge, but mainly reviews of books, movies, music, and anything else I may have a stunning insight about.

I've been published in both regional magazines and national magazines (Teen Ink, anyone?), but have not yet cracked the professional market. We're currently looking at weekly updates over the weekends.


  1. Ooh, it's a brand new blog, almost! Congratulations on taking the plunge, and thanks for helping with my Famous First Lines and for putting me on your blogroll (first, yet! With a W title, I'm never ever first).

  2. Welcome, Fate!

    (now, that sounds like a good opening line for the Great American Novel :) )

    Thanks for your suggesion of a YA title. I'm going to let my 12-yr-old peruse your blog (she's a mature reader and will love your reviews)

  3. Hey, Ali! Thanks, you're welcome and you're welcome.

    Thanks, She Is Too Fond of Books! Some of my favorite words in the world are "mature reader"... or really just the word "reader," come to think of it.

    And now all I have to do is rework the plot of my novel around a new opening line, and I'll be set! Sweet!

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