Tuesday, October 7, 2008


While browsing the Interweb today, and the lovely Stainless Steel Droppings, I discovered this challenge. The R.I.P. III challenge of October 2008. I was barely in time, instead of three or four weeks late as I usually am for challenges, so how could I refuse? So, in addition to my usual reading, this month I will be reading one or more of the following:
Jaws by Peter Benchley (Thriller)
Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates (Horror)
The Collector of Hearts by Joyce Carol Oates (Horror)
Cults!: An Anthology of Secret Societies, Sects, and the Supernatural (Horror, Supernatural)

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  1. Lovely? Oh, I'm blushing....wait, you were talking about the site weren't you? Oh well...

    Just kidding, so glad you're joining in. It certainly is not too late, there is a lot of October left to enjoy!


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