Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly & Jim Ken Niimura

I spent forever trying to work up a review for this book but I'm finally facing facts: This book has to be read to be appreciated, and I cannot do it justice, so this is more of a "short blather" than a review.

Before I read it I had somehow gotten it into my head that it was about a post-apocalyptic little girl with an ax... In case someone else got that impression, it's completely wrong and has nothing to do with this book. This story is about a present-time girl named Barbara, about 12ish I think, who has an ancient Norse hammer in her bag, with which to kill the giants of the title.

This is a sad book. Barbara basically stole my personality from when I was younger, and I think anybody could find a similar element to identify with. It's also a funny book in some places, and an exciting book especially toward the end, and an intense book all the way through. The art is fantastic, nightmarish, disturbing and cute as scenes demand. The design of the book as a whole is fantastic too, I love just holding it.

The story is complete in one book (unfortunately.) I suggest Courtney Crumrin(review here) as something also amazing and of similar content and style, but not the same.

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  1. Sounds pretty cool - and as I have a twelve-year-old daughter with a birthday coming up - it may even work as a present.

    Is the content okay for young teens?

  2. I love Courtney Crumrin, so I'll definitely be on the lookout for this one! Thanks.

  3. Bookmonkey, I would think so. There's nothing explicitly graphic, so I think it's one of those books that can function on different levels for different ages.

    Spoiler- Her mom's cancer is the main thing that's frightening, and I mean that literally. The only time I would be concerned about handing this to someone would be if that's a significant issue, and even then I probably would.

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